carson a thaghas sinn


20 bliadhna de eòlas dealbhaidh is riochdachaidh


timcheall air 800 pìosan gach mìos


A ’toirt taic do dhealbhadh no gnàthachadh sampall


Cuir taic ri DHL / EMS / SEA agus modhan còmhdhail eile

Gnàthachadh aodach dannsa ballet

Established in 1999,Shenzhen Wudongfang Culture Communication Co.. Ltd. who is specialized in design, production and sales of dance wear, and has a high reputation in Chinese dance juear industry. Our main products include ballet tutu, ballet skirts, dance leotard and other clothing. And ballet shoes, ballet tights and other accessories. Our products are exported to many countries and regions such as overseas North America, Russia, Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, etc. and have been well received by customers at home and abroad. There are two production bases in Guangdong and Hubei, which has 200 employees.Our employees contains superior designers,managers and Marketers which can insure high integrity service and high quality products. We started export business from company establishment, products are exported to countries all over the world. Deeply trusted and loved by training institutions, professionals and users. In recent years,Wudongfang has become the most influential brand of dance wear production and sales, and its development prospects and commercial value are gradually emerging.


We are serious about the product.If you are interested in our products, please email us and we will reply to you within 24 hours!